Sunday, August 2, 2015

Walking on Matanuska Glacier & Giveaway Winner Announced Tomorrow!

Hello and welcome

My husband, Kevin, and I on Matanuska Glacier.
Our feet near a glacier-blue crevasse on Matanuska Glacier.
The blue, blue ice of Matanuska Glacier.
Kevin on Matanuska Glacier
I'm sorry I didn't get to pick the winner of the Simon Says Stamp and acrylic mounts giveaway yet but I have a great reason... I went walking on a glacier for the first time!

Tomorrow... August 3rd... is my husband, Kevin's, birthday. I've worked 13 days straight at two jobs and only had today off and work the next six days. So to celebrate my husband's birthday on my day off I asked if he wanted to go walk on Matanuska Glacier! We've lived in Alaska almost 29 years now and we've never been ON a glacier! The Matanuska Glacier is only 60 miles from our home... 50 miles from Palmer. So on a drive we went! The scenery all along the Glenn Highway is breathtaking but the glacier... STUNNING BEYOND BELIEF! You have to know there is a Creator when you are on that glacier! Even the pictures don't due it justice! If you come to Alaska, go to Matanuska Glacier!

And that is my excuse for not picking a winner today! I will pick one tomorrow after work and post who has won later tomorrow night! Thanks for being patient!

See you tomorrow!
God's creation
Not to fall down from being stunned by His goodness and beauty!

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